The task of the caretaker coach in AFL

GWS caretaker coach Mark McVeigh looks up at a whiteboard while addressing players during a game.

The seat’s warm, the engine’s running but something has gone wrong.

Taking over a footy team mid-season is a bit like trying to fix a friend’s car in the middle of nowhere. The pressure is on, even if the problems aren’t yours.

Leon Cameron’s time at the Giants started with something the young Giants were unaccustomed to at the time: overwhelming, joyous success.

On a night where the focus was on Lance Franklin’s first game with the Sydney Swans, Cameron’s Giants claimed their biggest scalp to date, thanks in part to Adam Kennedy’s third career goal ever, which sent them into the lead.

Kennedy’s goal was a sign that the floodgates had opened, and four more Giants’ goals followed in quick succession.

Author: Ivan Robinson