Swans fans scatter nan’s ashes on SCG during Buddy Franklin celebrations

A group of people smile at the camera while holding a picture of an old lady in the air

As a tidal wave of red and white poured onto the SCG on Friday night to celebrate Buddy Franklin’s 1000th goal, siblings Joel Brown and Krystal Clayton swam against the flow.

The long-time Swans supporters had one goal in mind — get to the centre as quickly as possible.

“I told Krystal to not go for Buddy because you’re not going to reach him, just go straight for the centre circle,” Mr Brown said.

A group of people smile at the camera while holding a picture of an old lady in the air
Joel Brown holds a picture of his nan aloft in the middle of the SCG, and is joined by sister Krystal Clayton, her husband Mike, and her son. (Supplied)

“When they do kick to kick they cordon off the centre of the field so we figured it was our only chance to get in the middle of the ground.”

Ducking and dodging the Sydney swarm, the brother filmed as the sister raced towards the middle, got cleaned up, got back up again, then triumphantly stood in the centre circle, pulling a small resealable bag out of her pocket.

Inside, the ashes of their dear-departed nan, Edna Dixon.

As people jogged past trying to get their piece of footy history, the siblings were having their own more personal moment — albeit in the ripple of Buddymania.

“Nan passed away mid-last year aged 93,” Mr Brown said.

“She was originally a Victorian but moved to Gosford in the early 80s. She supported Footscray but once she came up here she got involved with the Gosford Tigers and that led to her becoming a passionate Swans fan.

“She always said she wanted to do a coin toss on the SCG but she never got a chance.

“And she did say from time to time that she wanted some of her ashes scattered at the SCG so this was our chance to honour that, it was a little bit symbolic, or a sort of consolation prize almost.

And it was a moment that came through pure luck.

The week before, Franklin had played at Stadium Australia against the Giants, needing five goals to reach the 1,000.

Author: Ivan Robinson