Kelli Underwood says some in sport media are still in ‘the dark ages’

Two female broadcasters wearing headphones call an AFL match from a commentary box.

Fox Footy and ABC commentator Kelli Underwood says she “felt sick in the stomach” when she heard Tom Morris’s comments about her colleague.

Key points:

  • Kelli Underwood called on men within the sport media industry to drive cultural change
  • Underwood said her female colleagues have banded together in recent days
  • Fox Sports sacked Tom Morris on Friday after an investigation into his leaked comments

Morris was sacked by Fox on Friday after an investigation into the leaked recording in which he made misogynistic comments about a Fox Sports reporter.

Speaking to ABC Sport ahead of Friday night’s AFL game between St Kilda and Collingwood said the incident was yet another reminder of the challenges facing women in sports media.

“It’s emotional for me to talk about because it really hits home,” Underwood said.

“I felt sick in my stomach when I heard it. It is so disappointing.

“Everyone talks the talk publicly, don’t they? ‘We’re talking about diversity, we’re talking about how important women are’.

“And then to know that when you leave the room, some still live in the dark ages, that hurts.”

Two female broadcasters wearing headphones call an AFL match from a commentary box.
Kelli Underwood calls for the ABC alongside Lauren Arnell.(ABC News)

Underwood said the onus was now on men to stand up to this behaviour and lead the charge for change.

“We as women and as leaders in this industry, we can scream from the rooftops and get accused of sticking up for your mates or whinging,” she said.

“I’ve got to say I’m proud of my employer tonight. I’m really proud of what they’ve done. It makes me proud to work for them. But where are the male voices here?”

Author: Ivan Robinson