How the defences have stood up for Carlton and Collingwood

A Collingwood player turns and looks upfield after taking possession as a number of his teammates begin to run in support.

There is arguably no bigger rivalry in Australian club sport than between Collingwood and Carlton.

There has been little love lost between the two sides since 1892, when Collingwood were beaten by Carlton in their first game ever as a club.

Since the start of the VFL in 1897 (which later became the AFL), the Pies and Blues have faced each other more than any other team.

Their record after 261 games stands about as close as could be — 129 wins to Carlton, 128 to Collingwood and four draws.

In recent years, the time-tested rivalry has been short of big games.

The last final that the two teams faced off in was in 1988. Despite both teams winning flags since then, the success of each side has often been accompanied by the struggles of the other.


The old rivals came into 2022 in a similar situation: having missed finals the year before and with a new coach in tow.

Carlton — under coach Michael Voss — started the year hot and were in the top four after 13 rounds.

Collingwood — under Craig McRae — have picked up steam as the season has progressed, embarking on a remarkable 11-game winning streak.

Author: Ivan Robinson