Callum Ah Chee hits out at racist online abuse

Brisbane Lions player Callum Ah Chee has revealed he received a racist message online in the wake of the controversial Patrick Cripps tribunal case.

Key points:

  • Callum Ah Chee suffered a concussion in an on-field incident with Patrick Cripps that went to the tribunal
  • After Cripps was cleared, Ah Chee was sent a racist message on social media
  • The Lions have been proactive in trying to stop racist messages being sent to the club’s players

Ah Chee was left concussed after a collision with Carlton’s Cripps last weekend, with the Blues star initially suspended for two weeks, before the club appealed and had the ban overturned.

Ah Chee will be forced to miss tonight’s crucial clash with St Kilda as a result of the concussion.

The 24-year-old, who has been at the Lions since 2020, revealed he had been sent a racist message in the wake of the case, using his Instagram account to call out the abuse.

“How can this still keep happening,” Ah Chee wrote.

“Why can’t my brothers and I just play the game we love without having to worry about shit like this … if my son grows up playing the game — I hope he doesn’t have to deal with this hate.

“It hurts and I’m sick to death of seeing it.”

Author: Ivan Robinson